Case Study: Collegiate Academies

Collegiate Academies, a network of three charter high schools in New Orleans, pilot tested Earshot as part of its effort to encourage teachers to use data and take control of their own professional learning. A group of teachers from Collegiate used the Earshot app over a period of approximately two months (February – April 2017). During this time, the teachers who used Earshot saw improvements in their teaching.

Teachers improved their talk time ratio by 5% (meaning teachers talked less relative to student talk after using Earshot). Participating teachers waited 60% longer after asking a question before calling on students after seeing their data in Earshot. This is significant because research shows that when teachers wait at least three seconds before calling on students, more students participate and the cognitive achievement among students increases.  Research also indicates a link between teachers asking higher cognitive questions, such as open-ended questions, and the development of students’ critical thinking skills. On average, the percentage of open-ended questions teachers at Collegiate asked improved from 11% to 34% of total questions asked.

As one teacher told us, "With Earshot, I became aware of how often I was calling on the same students over and over. The day after seeing my data with Earshot, I made a conscious effort to ask more open-ended questions and provide plenty of wait time, rather than calling on the first volunteer. And the range of students who participated in class increased dramatically."